Color quizzes and tests

Colors play a prominent role in our lives. So yes - your perception of color can say a lot about your personality and intelligence.

With these amusing color quizzes, you will learn more about yourself, test your vision and even find out what your IQ level is.

This Optical Test Will Reveal Your Brain's True Color Preference

Did you know we're all born with and develop different subconscious preferences? Take a look at these optical illusions and find out what your own brain's color preference is.

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What Is Your Actual Spirit Color (Based On Science)?

This test will reveal your actual spirit color and its meaning.

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This Soft Color Test Will Reveal Your Loveliest Physical Trait!

Your pastel preferences say a lot about how you see yourself and how others see you. Find out more here!

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How Sharp Is Your Vision?

Is your vision as clear as a shark, a jet pilot, or maybe an infrared machine?

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Can You Match The Color To The Book Title?

Hundreds of books have a color in the title... How many do you know?

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Do you know what colors mean around the world?

Across different cultures colors can mean all sorts of different things. It's time to put your knowledge of color symbolism to the test.

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