Literature quizzes and tests


Can You Match The Color To The Book Title?

Hundreds of books have a color in the title... How many do you know?

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Can You Complete The First Line Of These Famous Children Stories?

How much of a children's book fan are you? Can you finish these famous first lines?

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Which Shakespeare Play Is The Movie Based On?

Do you know which Shakespearean play these modern films were inspired by?

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What's Your Literary Score According To The Greatest Novels Ever Written?

The average american has only read 3 out of these 25 books that top TIME MAGAZINE's 100 Best English Language Novels - will you fair better?


Can you guess the best selling book from it's first line?

Know you're Dickens from your Da Vinci Code? Let's see how many literary classics you can detect...

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Can You Correctly Define These Nine Obscure Literary Terms?

Literary terms are used to describe various aspects of writing, but how well do you actually know these tricky devices? Maybe you’re an accomplished writer or maybe you're an English major, but fair warning: not many people will ace this test! Good luck!

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