Literature quizzes and tests

Reading a book can change one’s life, isn’t that true? If you are a real bookworm, this section was designed just for you.

Take these literature quizzes and tests to find out how well you know authors, books, poetry, pen names, greatest literary characters and quotes.

What Countries Are These Famous Books Based In?

This test is about where the books are set, not necessarily where the authors are from.

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Can You Name All The Author’s Missing Names?

These 18 writers are all known by their initials. What is the missing name?

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Literature Quiz For Attentive Readers

Have you actually read these books? 20 questions about all things literary – the only question is - "How many"?

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Can We Write A Poem About You?

If rhyme is magic, then poems are spells.

Can we write one for you? This quiz tells!

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Can You Pass This American Literature Quiz from 1911?

The following questions were compiled from a collection of New York Regents exams and published in book format in 1911 for teachers to use as review material with their students. This particular quiz draws on questions about American authors and literature. How many can you answer correctly?

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