Geography quizzes and tests

Can You Guess The Country By Its Flag?

We are so used to seeing National Flags everywhere, that we hardly notice them. But do you really know what Country behind it? Let's Find It Out.

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Do you know what colors mean around the world?

Across different cultures colors can mean all sorts of different things. It's time to put your knowledge of color symbolism to the test.

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Do You Know Where These Fruits/Vegetables Originated From?

Where on the planet did the food on your table originally come from?!

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How well do you know the world's national dishes?

Can you sort your potjiekos from your cou-cou? Let us test your international culinary know-how.

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Can You Spell The Names Of The 15 Most Misspelled Cities In America?

You're smarter than 65% of Americans if you can correctly spell the names of these U.S. cities. Test yourself here!

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How Well Do You Know the Most Underrated Landmarks of the World?

Anyone can recognize the Eiffel Tower or Stonehenge. Can you answer these trivia questions about lesser-known landmarks?

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How Much Do You Know About French?

Test your knowledge of the French language with this quiz!

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65% Of People Won't Be Able To Correctly Identify Which Continent Each Of These Countries Is On

Which continent claims Russia, for example? Trick question. It's both Europe and Asia. The rest of these countries will have only one continental home, but will you be able to identify which one?

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How Well Do You Know Country Landmarks?

Test your skill on how well you can name landmarks!

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