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No One Got 15/20 In This Confusing US State Abbreviations Quiz

We gave this test to 50 people and no one got at least 15/20 correctly.

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Only Well-Traveled People Can Name The Capitals Of These 13 European Countries!

If you can name eleven of these thirteen capitals, you're definitely an adventurer extraordinaire!

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Can you name all these European capitals?

Are you a geography expert? Think you have a good knowledge of Europe?

Very few people will get an excellent score on this quiz!

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Only 2% Of People Will Ace This World Capitals Drill

We gave this test to 100 college students and only 2 got 29/29. Can you get a perfect score?

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Great British Towns History Quiz

In honour of Channel 4's brand new series Britain's Most Historic Towns, we've created a historic town based trivia quiz. Find out how much you know about old World Britain below!

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Geography Quiz

Click on whatever you think the correct answer is. You will know right away if you got the question wrong. Made by Kripa Patel.

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Only 2% Of People Can Pass This Basic Geography Test. Can You?

This geography test is driving the internet crazy. Can you score 20/20?

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Do You Know The Capital Cities?

Do you know the capital cities of these countries?

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3rd Graders Will Get 10/10 In This Test. What Will Be Your Score?

Research shows that 94% of gifted 3rd graders can Identify these 10 countries by their shape. Can you?

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