Language quizzes and tests

Can You Guess the Correct Scrambled Movie Title?

Here's one for film buffs and word wizards alike — can you pick the real anagram of these hit movies from four options?

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Can You Pass A 5th Grade Grammar Test?

You need to get at least 15/20 in order to pass this test.

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Can You Guess The Correct Spelling of These Cat Breeds?

Your knowledge for cat breeds will be put to the test on this 10 question quiz on how to spell curtain cat breeds. Are you ready? If so scroll down to start!

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Can You Spell The Names Of The 15 Most Misspelled Cities In America?

You're smarter than 65% of Americans if you can correctly spell the names of these U.S. cities. Test yourself here!

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How Much Do You Know About French?

Test your knowledge of the French language with this quiz!

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Are These Words in English?

See if you can tell which popular "English" words are really of English origin.

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Only 4% Of The Population Can Punctuate These Sentences

Are you grammatically gifted? Test your powers of punctuation.

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How Many English Proverbs Do You Know?

A proverb sometimes says it all. Complete each proverb then read the explanation that follows. Have fun!

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Can You Decode These Jumbled Phrases?

Are you a master of words? A puzzle wizard, perhaps? See if you can decode the meaning of each of these jumbled up phrases and words!

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Can You Spell The 20 Words That Most People Cannot?

"Synonym: a word you use in place of the one you cannot spell."

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