Animals quizzes and tests

Everyone loves animals, but how well do we know them? Here you will find the most difficult and interesting trivia questions about all creatures great and small.

Can You Guess The Correct Animal?

Can you guess the animal just from a small part of a picture of its eye?

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Which Mythical Creature Would Be Your Perfect Pet?

Are you a Unicorn person or would you prefer a more practical Pegasus?

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Can you recognize the animal by one hint only?

How to play: Answer these questions and see how many of these animals you know.

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Only People With Exceptional IQ Can Pass This Animal Vocabulary Test

A recent study gave this encrypted animal vocabulary test to a group of 100 people and only the ones with the highest IQ passed.

#animals #IQ #knowledge

Think You Know Puppies? Just Try Naming 10/12 Breeds!

Sure, everybody thinks puppies are super adorable but are you actually an expert?

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How Much Do You Know About The World's Big Cats?

To celebrate last week's World Wildlife Day, this week's focus is all about Big Cat conservation. How well do you know your lion from your tiger? Test your knowledge!

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This section is designed to reveal your real knowledge about animals and their inhabitation. We want you to show us how well you know wildlife, popular pets, domestic animals, insects, marine animals, spiders, and so on. You can use these trivia quizzes and tests about animals to teach your children and show them the beauty of this world.

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