Religion quizzes and tests

Bible Quiz (Intermediate)

Challenge yourself with this intermediate-level Bible quiz. Make sure to revisit the referenced Bible passages if you missed any!

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Can You Answer The 21 Questions Every Christian Must Know?

Do you know the basics of Christianity? Let's see if you can answer the 21 questions that every Christian should know!

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25 Questions Everyone Must Know About The Bible

How much do you really know about the most popular book in the world? Let's test your Biblical knowledge with the ultimate Bible Trivia!

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Which Passage Of The Bible Best Describes You?

Take this quiz to see which Bible passage fits your personality.

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Which Bible Character Are You Most Like?

A warrior, queen, king? Take this short quiz to find out now.

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Which Religion Are You Subconsciously Practicing?

What religious practice are you following without even knowing it?

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How Well Do You Know These Biblical Women?

Let's find out how well you know various women from the Bible. Click on the correct answer.

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Which Ancient Religion Does Your Spirit Belong To?

Does the Earth call to you? Or perhaps the Heavens of old? Come find out which ancient religion best suits your unique self and spirituality!

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