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What 80s Movie is This Quote From?

Do you like the movies of that time? Test your knowledge!

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Can you guess the Brad Pitt film from just one image?

Brad Pitt is aa famous actor and film producer. He has been nominated many times for the famous Golden Globe Award for the best male role in both the first and second plan. How much do you know about his film roles? Check right now!

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Which Classic TV Game Show Would You Win Based On Your General Knowledge?

Are you a true trivia genius? Prove your worth and find out what TV game show you'd be sure to beat!

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Can you name the TV show based on its very last line?

If these shows still have a place in your heart you should definitely remember how they said goodbye forever, right?

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Can You Name These 80s Movies From The Screenshot?

How well do you remember these 80s movies? Take the quiz and find out! Good Luck :) Enjoy!

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Can You Guess Which Celebrity Picture Is Younger?

Look at these photos of stars and try to guess which ones were taken 10 years ago and which recently.

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Can you match Nicolas Cage to the Nicolas Cage movie?

Nikolas Cage said that he had developed his own method of acting, which he described as "Nouveau Shamanic." Do you like movies with him? Can you get 15/15 in this test?

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Which classic TV character are you?

Are you more like Lucy Ricardo or Andy Taylor? Take this quiz to see which vintage TV character is closest to your personality!

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