Movies & TV quizzes and tests


Which Iconic Actors Are Missing From These Classic Movie Posters?

We've removed one actor from each of these classic movie posters. Let's see how well you remember them!

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Can You Guess the Correct Scrambled Movie Title?

Here's one for film buffs and word wizards alike — can you pick the real anagram of these hit movies from four options?

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Can You Identify These Disney Movies From Their Setting Alone?

Are you the ultimate Disney devotee? Prove it by naming the movies that these stills are taken from!

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Can You Finish Off These Scientific Facts?

How much scientific knowledge did you really absorb from watching The Magic School Bus?

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Which Shakespeare Play Is The Movie Based On?

Do you know which Shakespearean play these modern films were inspired by?

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Can You Complete That Movie Title?

Think you're a movie buff? Let's see how well you know your movie titles.

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Can You Match Movie Heroes and Villains?

Every great movie hero needs a villain - can you match the baddies to the goodies?

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