How Many Greek Gods Do You Know?

Let's see how many Olympians can you name.

#History #religion #knowledge


What are your thoughts on this subject?
Perfect score and thanks for the answers
Sep 27, 2021 6:12PM
Bernie McGawley
Got the lot 👍
Sep 24, 2021 11:45AM
Chris Brown
"13/13. Divine Knowledge! Thou arst Zeus & Hera thyself!". To the compiler of this quiz: In Medieval English: You are: there is no s. It should be just "art". I have always had a divine interest in Greek and Roman mythology and ancient history.
Sep 22, 2021 2:35AM
Mike Valsamy
Got em all, then again I'm Greek.
Sep 19, 2021 11:34AM
Louella Wilson
Trish Simpson, mine is for gun holsters. Even if I was pro gun, they are illegal in Oz.
Sep 11, 2021 3:08AM
cdowdy aks
Divine Knowledge!🌸
Sep 3, 2021 4:41PM
Nancy Chisholm
Zeus by of my favorite episodes in the "I, Claudius" series by the BBC.
Aug 28, 2021 3:48PM
Linda Carr
The Nonsense at the END Is the Stupidest thing I have ever seen on your quizzes.... Please stick to the Quizzes and DO NOT START getting in the political field .. I and many other will drop this... I do the quizzes to sharpen my mind and get away from all the politics .... guns, sex toys have NO value to this and administration should check this out before allowing to post....
Aug 24, 2021 2:51PM
Trish Simpson
I liked the quiz but the ramble about sex toys, ice makers and guns at the end has no place in any quiz.
Aug 24, 2021 3:50AM
Trish Simpson
Corey Taylor, Helios was a titan and when they were defeated by Zeus, Apollo took over as the Greek god of the sun.
Aug 24, 2021 3:49AM
Jennifer Swanson
If pro gun articles are going to be included in the future, I will unsubscribe even though I enjoy the quizzes.
Aug 18, 2021 8:18PM
Anne Tisdell
12/13. Like the quiz. I do not understand the questions about guns at the end. I think this nation has become trigger happy. Tired of all the shootings of innocent people. We need to be able to communicate and agreeably disagree!!!
Aug 18, 2021 4:46PM
Odile Dupret
13/13...but what guns are doing here, at the end of the quizz??? THIS IS QUITE UPPSETTING...
Aug 16, 2021 7:39PM
Carol Thomson
Liked the quiz don’t like guns
Aug 15, 2021 1:53PM
12/13 Was a good quizz, appreciated answer to questins
Aug 14, 2021 12:37AM

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