This Test For Kids Has Some Adults Confused.

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Bernd Rittersporn
Completely moronic.
Jul 5, 2016 1:19PM
too difficult ... needs deductive reasoning and younger children are not able to comprehend this at their age.
Jul 5, 2016 2:58PM
Sean Kelly
too easy.
Jul 5, 2016 8:43PM
Peggy Brown
Hell I got some of the question right
Jul 6, 2016 1:22AM
Elaine Troxell Robson
As a former teacher, I am trying to understand how this is a quiz for kids. As one comment observed, young children would not be able to deduce these answers. Even upper elementary students would need to be taught how to read and reason out a quiz such as this. Kudos, though, for explaining wrong answers and showing the pictures a second time for each question.
Jul 7, 2016 1:25AM
Angela Womack Gonzalez
Stupid. It doesn't look like a watermelon to me. And what the hell are they doing wearing long pants and sweaters in August? Plus, I didn't see any branches at all in the picture. Even if I did know that the branches on the south side of a tree are longer, how would I be able to tell that in the picture???
Jul 8, 2016 8:19PM
Rodger Talbott
Stupid and obscure questions.
Jul 9, 2016 7:11AM
Lori Phillips
Lori Phillips
Jul 14, 2016 7:53AM
22% right rubbish
Jul 14, 2016 11:21AM
Ken Kisselman
Ken Kisselman
This is silly… - This is an illustration not a "photo". - There is nothing in the picture that provides a compass orientation. - The number of eating utensils is not necessarily an indication of the number of individuals present. There is no empirical evidence that the butterfly net is being held by an unseen person. (I was actually expecting that to be the deductive reasoning trick question because even though one might assume that a fourth person is present behind the bush there is no actual proof of their existence.) - A spider's web need not take a few days to form and also, even if it did, that does not rule out the longer period of ‘a week ago’. - The presence of oars does not guarantee that they traveled to the site by boat, it only signifies that they brought oars with them. Perhaps they drove a kayak to their camp site on the roof of their SUV. - I don’t know what kind of towns are defined by the presence of chickens (maybe it’s a European thing). Perhaps they are on an island with a single subsistence farm, or survivalist compound, or feral chickens. Maybe one of the boys has a pet chicken. - There are no tree branches in the illustration (let alone of varying lengths). Again, without a compass orientation they could be in the southern hemisphere where by the logic of the test the tree branches would be longer on the north side of a tree. Still the only indication of wind is the flag on the tent and all we know is that it is blowing toward the right side of the illustration. - The only indication of time of day is the shadow. Not knowing the compass orientation all the shadow tells us is that it is not mid day with the sun directly overhead. - The name of the 4th boy (if there is one) is obscured on the sign. There is no proof that his name is Alex. - There is no clarification that cooking = “duty”. Perhaps this is an entomological fieldtrip where a student’s duty is to catch bugs with the net or an ecological survey where the duty is to photograph the surroundings. The “C” on the pack could be a brand as easily and more likely than a monogram and even if it is indicative of the owner’s name there is no proof that Colin is looking in his own pack. There is nothing to distinguish that the boy who is taking pictures is James. Finally, if in fact someone is actually holding the butterfly net, there is no proof that his name is Alex aside from the fact that a previous question introduced that name which is found nowhere in the image and told us that he is one catching butterflies. Even if Colin is looking in his own monogrammed backpack and a boy named Alex exists and is holding the net, there is no proof that Peter isn’t the one taking pictures while James cooks. - There is no definitive indication that the numbers on the duty list are dates. If they are, and assuming that the previous answer regarding who is on duty is correct, there is still no way to determine if it is July 8th or August 8th. The round object on the blanket looks more like a pumpkin (or even a beach ball) than a watermelon. Assuming that it is a ‘round watermelon’ it is more likely to be hothouse grown or imported from a warmer region out of season than fully ripened by local seasonal growth. In the region of the US where I live locally grown watermelon is available from late spring through early autumn. If it is August why are the boys wearing sweaters and long sleeve shirts? The boys could have bought a watermelon imported from South America at the local grocery store to bring with them on the February camping trip that has necessitated their cold weather attire.
Jul 22, 2016 8:16AM
Marilynn Myers
There is nothing telling north or south
Jul 27, 2016 5:13PM
Stephanie Fox
Thank you! I just did it for the points.
Jul 28, 2016 12:17AM
Tamela Mercer
I didn't think August 8th or July 8th were days of the week but dates of the month. A weekend campout, therefore Saturday would be logical
Aug 25, 2016 6:20PM
Becky Kincaid Price
Sep 3, 2016 1:34AM
Dan Fischer
Dan Fischer
there no kid that could pass this test.
Sep 7, 2016 1:26AM