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Real movie-like stories you can tell your friends 12/29/2017 • Carla

Disasters, bizarre sights, weird events and practices and more - this article will certainly make you say "Wow"!

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Winter inspired pictures that captured the beauty of ice 12/29/2017 • Raytheda Peacock

Isn't winter your favorite season? It will be - as soon as you see these magnificent pics!

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​9 amazing discoveries that were never announced 12/29/2017 • Carla

Every day scientists make sensational discoveries, which contradict everything written in books and completely change our apprehension of life on Earth.

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Ultimate glory of mother's love expressed in sculptures from all over the world 12/29/2017 • richmond

Our mothers are the people that bring us on Earth. They love us from the first breath even if they can't be with us. This article is about sculptures from all over the world that are dedicated to mothers.

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The most astonishing photographs of 2017 that left nobody indifferent 12/28/2017 • maria

Professional photographers and amateurs worked hard in 2017 to recapture the atmosphere of the most magical moments of the year. Take a look at the most popular and beautiful art photographs taken this year.

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Everything to know about Japan's most famous active volcano 12/27/2017 • Christy

Mount Fuji is one of the most important sacred places in Japan that has always inspired people. What is so interesting about it? Let's learn together!

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Fresh astonishing facts for you from around the world 12/27/2017 • Jamie Wendel

Apple admitted intentional deceleration of iPhones - and 9 more interesting facts we want to share.

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Unexpectedly comical shots of wild animals that will make your day 12/27/2017 • Rroberts

You can't take such photos on purpose - animals are so unpredictable. All of these funny photos are unique and of high quality. Have fun!

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