13 hilarious photos of dads and their children 9/4/2020

Being a father is not easy. Take a look at these top 13 dads who are trying their best!

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11 optical illusions that will trick your brain 9/3/2020

QuizzClub’s Community has some exciting optical illusions from the Internet to go over with you today. You need to pay very close attention because your eyes are gonna be trying to play tricks on your mind. QuizzClub’s most favorite illusion is at number 5, check this out!

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15 times animals were total jerks 9/2/2020

Animals are not always that cute. Sometimes they take a stand and act like jerks. QuizzClub members have picked the best posts from the Internet to show you that these cute and tiny things can end up being bigger jerks than human beings sometimes!

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What is the hottest object in the universe? 9/2/2020

Have you ever thought of the hottest thing in the world? Instructor and Flight Controller at NASA Robert Frost listed the hottest things in the universe.

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The coolest facts about pasta – one of the world's favorite foods! 8/30/2020

This fantastic food is eaten in every part of the world, cooked in many households and loved by millions of people. If you're one of them, these pasta facts will definitely inspire you.

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15 of the most satisfying videos ever – I could watch these forever 8/30/2020

Just looking at something beautiful and entertaining can be really helpful sometimes. These oddly satisfying videos are exactly what you need to take a pause from everything you have going on and relax.

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There's nothing cuter than these animals 8/28/2020

Not only kittens and puppies can be sweet and cute. There are wild animals that will win your heart in no time! Check it right now.

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5 weird questions you've never googled 8/28/2020

There are questions that seem to be simple and absurd at the same time. These particular questions keep spinning round again and again in your head. Let's finally answer them!

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The daughter who should be Queen: Princess Anne 8/28/2020

As Princess Anne turned 70, QuizzClub’s Community decided to take a look into the life of the royal who broke the mold. Here are some facts about Princess Anne’s life as Queen Elizabeth's only daughter.

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9 bizarre animal mutations from around the world 8/27/2020

This article is for the bravest people. Today QuizzClub’s Community is going to show you 9 most bizarre mutations in animals. Are you ready?

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