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97% Of Americans Can't Name These Famous Foreign Books

Take on a literary challenge with these 20 foreign books.

#language #knowledge

Can you Speak Australian English?

G'Day, Mate! Can you "dux" this quiz and prove you know your Australian Slang?

#Geography #language #knowledge

Only People With Above Average IQ Are Able To Notice The Mistake

Can you find the mistakes in these famous paintings and photos? Let's see how smart you REALLY are!

#Culture #IQ #language

Can You Actually See As Well As You Think You Can?

Your eyes can say a lot about your personality and special set of skills. What are your eyes saying?


21 Words And Phrases You Should Know If You're Older Than 21

Do you know all these words and phrases that every adult should know?

#age #language #knowledge

Can You Name The Disney Character From The Silhouette?

So you're a Disney fanatic? Let's see if you can guess these characters just from their silhouette.

#funny #Movies & TV #knowledge

How Well Do You Actually Remember Forrest Gump?

It's been 21 years since Forrest Gump was released! Test your knowledge to see if you remember this iconic film! And remember, stupid is as stupid does!

#Movies & TV #knowledge

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