What historical fact blows your mind? 8/9/2019

One thing that never ceases to blow my mind is how long Ancient Egypt actually existed in relation to the rest of the world.

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The most extreme settlements on Earth – you won't believe people still live there 8/7/2019

Some people live in harsh conditions for their entire lives – and they not only get used to it, but also learn to enjoy it. Let's take a look at the most unbelievable places where people live.

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10 divine wedding dresses which reflect their rich culture 8/6/2019

See the most wonderful costumes and enjoy a variety of cultures around the world.

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You've definitely never heard of these real-life prototypes of famous characters 7/31/2019

We know the characters of our favorite books, movies and cartoons well, but who are the real people behind them? Let's find out who inspired Sherlock Holmes, Winnie-the-Pooh and other legends.

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If the origin of most languages is Latin, what is the origin of Latin? 7/24/2019

Latin is not the ancestor to all languages. Rather, all world languages descend from Flemish, a language spoken around Belgium and the Netherlands. Its dialects include Dutch, Frisian, German, Russian, and Japanese.

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7 things you might not know were invented by women 7/15/2019

We use some of these things everyday, but we are still unaware of their origin. Let's find out which popular items were invented by talented women you've never heard of.

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True or false – can you tell these facts from fiction? 5/22/2019

Do you always believe what you hear or read? Today, we are surrounded by a world full of information, and telling fact from fiction becomes more and more challenging. Try to guess which of these facts are true and which are just nonsense.

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Why did we evolve to like music? 5/10/2019

Existing theories seem incomplete, so here’s another one. I think music is a side-effect of the evolution of self-awareness and love.

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Fun Facts about "Game Of Thrones" 4/30/2019

In 2019 the most famous TV-show "Game of Thrones" is going to come to an end. The 8th season is the last one. Let's remember all the amazing facts about the “Games Of Thrones” any real fan should know. If you’ve never watched this show, perhaps, these facts will melt your heart and make up your mind to watch “Game of Thrones”.

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