Magical Land of the Rising Sun: the most remarkable facts about Japan

Everyone knows about blooming sakura, seafood, sumo. Be ready to discover astonishing facts about the Land of the Rising Sun!

Japan is an island country located in East Asia. The land of the Rising Sun is one of the smallest countries in the Asian subcontinent. In the world, it is known for its sushi and flowering cherry trees - sakura. In addition to that, people all over the world know about Japan's high technology and amazing equipment created by the best Japanese engineers. Today we want to share the most interesting facts about Japan you might not have known before.

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Nina Kamwene
Nina Kamwene
I have been to Japan it is beautiful and people are very polite.
Sep 22, 2016 8:59PM
Idalia Venter
I suppose most of the immigrants are rugby and baseball players.
Nov 7, 2019 1:20AM
Kathy Gorman
I visited Japan many times as my son was a businessman in Tokyo for 14 years! Tokyo is a most exciting city...the Cherry blossom season is beautiful. Lose something in Japan & it is always returned to you...children are seen and not heard! I have watched classes of children visiting temples & they are so obedient! After my first visit,I thought of it as a fairy land!!!
Jul 30, 2019 6:37PM
Dan Drinkall
Apparently the people are so polite that it was taking too long for the trains to complete boarding at the platforms, so uniformed men are hired as 'pushers' to force passengers through the doors; thus there is no dishonor felt by the people. I read that somewhere a long time ago !
Apr 19, 2019 3:00PM
Lynda Jenkinson.
Japan might have the biggest fish markets, but a lot of fish is imported fresh, eg tuna.
Apr 7, 2019 6:26PM
Charlie Brown
Interesting about many streets having no names. I wonder how they address mail for those streets -- or how to tell the Uber driver where to come. ;)
Apr 3, 2019 5:06PM
Matthew McKechnie
be more interesting if you told us why melons are 300 dollars
Feb 26, 2019 6:15PM
Jacqueline Tattam
Tom Seigo, rubbish! The Japanese culture is centuries old and has nothing to do with American reconstruction. Every road does NOT lead to America!
Dec 15, 2018 4:35PM
Lynne Cage
Interesting and informative
Oct 31, 2018 5:02AM
Darlene Davidson
I find #15 hard to believe.
Sep 30, 2018 5:11PM
Diane Thompson
Very good idea about the masks.
Sep 20, 2018 7:23AM
Joyce Simard
Thank you.....such interesting facts. Thank you?
Aug 15, 2018 7:41PM
Kathy Mayley
Wonder why almost no immigrants?
Jun 21, 2018 4:54PM
Helen McIntyre
One of my favorite places to visit and I was lucky enough to live there for three years.
May 27, 2018 8:44PM
Alireza Mohtashami
I danced many times at night in Japan , nobody protested or complained .
May 7, 2018 1:08AM
Deena Grady
I love learning new information.
Apr 30, 2018 1:24PM

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