Another story of a true hero: a man who has planted a forest 8/1/2016

Jadav Payeng became a well-known person not only in his home state of Assam, India, but also worldwide. A husband and father of three children, he is now often referred to as Forest Man.

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The Faroe Islands: the fairytale land with no prisons and passenger fares 7/26/2016

This remote country between Iceland and Norway is a dream of every keen traveler. Let's find out more about the life on the amazing Faroe Islands.

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10 amazing realistic oil paintings by Edward Hopper 7/22/2016

Edward Hopper, a prominent American realist, was born on the 22nd of July, 1882. His masterpieces are well-known worldwide as unique and melancholic reflections of American life.

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Unbelievable: the mysterious noise from the Caribbean sea may be heard from space 6/26/2016

Do you like the sound of the ocean? It's considered one of the most pleasant and relaxing melodies on Earth. It has been recently found out that the magical sounds of the Caribbean may reach... space!

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What will happen if you swallow your gum? 6/25/2016

I was always told that swallowing chewing gum is harmful to my health. Have your parents told you that it would stay in your stomach for years? The thing is that no one seems to actually know what really happens.

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Discover amazing facts about garlic – the world's superfood! 6/3/2016

How much do you know about garlic except that it adds zest to your meals? We bet you aren’t aware of all the interesting things about it that we are going to share!

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Interesting science: 15 beyond belief facts about lightning 6/1/2016

Are you afraid of lightning? Well, it’s no wonder since lightning is one of the most dangerous and unpredictable phenomena of nature. Let’s discover the most exciting and interesting facts about it!

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Funny and unexpected reaction of different animals to their own image in a mirror! 5/12/2016

The amazing and hilarious video demonstrates how differently wild species perceive their own reflection! This is definitely a footage worth seeing!

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Powerful romantic oil waterscapes by Ivan Aivazovsky 5/2/2016

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky is a world-known Russian painter and one of the greatest marine artists of all times. His fascinating paintings have been admired for more than a century now for their incredible exactness and dramatic rendition.

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