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Real babies or skillful works of art: these sculptures will make you guess 2/6/2017 • Carry Baker

Talented people can find inspiration in everything! This artist creates miniature sculptures that look like real babies. We bet, this is the most adorable thing you have ever seen!

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Magical, Charming, Unforgettable: Rings that capture the whole world 2/5/2017 • shari

We bet you have never seen anything of that kind! This is not a ring – this is a real pleasure for your eyes, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Interesting facts about raspberries – the world’s most delicate fruit 2/4/2017 •

Do you like raspberries? Have you ever thought of the ways of keeping them from going moldy so darn fast? Than this video is specially for you.

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The real treasures: colorful dragons painted on stones will leave you breathless 2/3/2017 • Reen

Do you like dragons? We bet not as much as this Russian artist does. She paints these mystical creatures on stones and they come to life. You’d better see it!

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A marvelous short that will fascinate you: Pixar and Disney continue surprising 2/2/2017 • wilson

What would you choose: your father and grandfather’s ways or your own one? The main character of this cartoon has to make an important choice. What will he do? Watch and you'll find out!

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Historical pictures that show our past from the different perspective 2/1/2017 • Elena

Are you fond of history? It is always very interesting to learn something about the past either facts or pictures. Quizz Club has collected several historical photos special for you. We bet you will like them!

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#History #photography

Dreams come true: the best job ever has been found 1/31/2017 • The Happy One

Have you ever dreamed of playing with a panda? These lucky guys got a chance not only to play with them, but also to stay with the lovely animals for a month or longer. You just can’t miss it!

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The Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2017: join, have fun and win! 1/30/2017 • Eli

The comedy pet photography awards 2017 has already begun! Take amusing pictures, share them on the website and, perhaps, you will become a winner. Just look at the cutest contestants who have already joined the competition!

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Trash or piece of art: this artist knows the answer 1/29/2017 • Raytheda Peacock

How do you treat old CDs and DVDs? Do you throw them into the garbage? Sean E Avery has found a good way to reuse them and develop his creativity. Look what he has done.

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Hard to see, difficult to distinguish, impossible to dislike: transparent animals and their species 1/28/2017 • Michael L.

These creatures can’t hide anything, but they can easily hide themselves. Mother-Nature awarded them with special protection, which help them to survive. Look at the most beautiful TRANSPARENT animals we've found for you!

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