Three reasons to sleep with your foot out from under the covers

Everyone at least once in their life had insomnia or difficulty in falling asleep. You'll be surprised that simply putting your foot out from under the covers can make your sleep much better. Let's find out why.

Do you sleep under the covers? It might be the reason for poor sleep. The thing is the best temperature for sleep is near 18.3°C (65°F). So our feet taken outside the covers work as the thermal regulators.

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
Josie Harkness
I cannot sleep unless my feet are uncovered!
Aug 6, 2020 7:15PM
Dianne Williams
I sleep with both feet and arms uncovered
Sep 11, 2020 11:07PM
Richard Perkins
Not me, and I sleep just fine.
Sep 2, 2020 10:04AM
Lorna Desouza
My dad mentioned to me about this. It’s difficult to keep my feet out during winter time even with the heater on high.
Aug 8, 2020 4:54PM
Stephanie Wood
Always sleep with my right leg out of the covers and I sleep like a top!
Aug 8, 2020 5:46AM
Patricia M. Culpepper
My aunt -who died many years ago-always slept with one foot not covered by the sheet or blanket. I always thought that was weird, but I guess she knew something I didn’t!!!
Aug 7, 2020 5:35PM
Gassan Couri
Being doing that for as long I can remember, thanks for the input. 🤗
Aug 6, 2020 10:03PM
Niranjala Kumari Galhenage
I take off socks in winter and keep my feet uncovered, the only way I can fall asleep.
Aug 6, 2020 8:19PM
Sleep like this all the time, mostly im the summer. But aren't the reasons listed really the same thing.
Aug 6, 2020 7:31PM
Been doing it for years -- my mother did the same -- too hot? Give the blanket a kick :)
Aug 6, 2020 6:41PM
Maryann DeLisio
I cannot sleep unless my feet are covered.
Aug 6, 2020 5:45PM
E Marc Nevins
I’ll give a try. Thanks
Aug 6, 2020 5:21PM
Gail Hendrix
It’s true. I have to sleep with my feet uncovered
Aug 6, 2020 4:58PM
good to know,i'll give it a try,Thanks
Aug 6, 2020 4:29PM

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