How Well Do You Remember These Classic 80s Songs?

Think you can match the lyrics to the artist?

Finish these songs off!

Test your memory and see how well you remember these classic 80s songs!

Good Luck! :)

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The Ultimate Classical Music Quiz

These are the hardest, most fiendish classical music questions on the internet. Music geeks, get your thinking caps on. And no Googling!

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The 70s & 80s Random Trivia Quiz

Just how much do you remember from the 70s and 80s? Take this quiz and find out. It's not hard but it will test your memory! No cheating allowed! Good Luck :)

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Can you identify the real composers from the made up names?

Think you know the names of composers like the back of your hand, but when faced with some more random names, can you pick out the real composers from the fake names?

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Can You Guess The 80's Song Based On The First Line?

From ripping rock ballads to electric pop songs - Do you REALLY know these totally tubular hits?

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Can You Name These Classic Albums From Their Back Covers?

We’ll show the reverse of a famous LP rather than the front - but can you identify which record it is?

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What Animal Is Missing From These Song Titles?

We all know Elvis sang about a 'Hound Dog', but do you know which animals these other artists sang about?

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Only Baby Boomers Will Be Able To Identify These Famous Singers

See if you can identify these old pics of Baby Boomer singers!

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