Is it safe to take a shower during a thunderstorm? 8/7/2018

There is a very small risk, which I estimate is conservatively about as dangerous as driving in a car for 15 miles.

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Why don't paramedics run to emergency patients? 7/22/2018

I’m glad you asked, because I promise you it’s not due to a lack of concern.

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6 reasons to put your mobile aside right now 7/15/2018

Some people feel OK talking face to face or can send a lot of messages. But when it comes to phone calls they get really nervous. What are the reasons?

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During fever, why do we feel cold when our body temperature rises? 7/7/2018

Anyone who has ever had the flu knows that fever isn’t uncomfortable because you feel hot – it’s uncomfortable because you feel freezing cold.

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What are antibiotics made of? 7/2/2018

This information will change your view of antibiotics.

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This incredible technology will help cure blindness in the nearest future 6/30/2018

Scientists have been working a lot on different technologies to help the blind and people with low vision. Read on to find out how stem cells can be used to create a cure for blindness in the future.

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Solving these 5 survival riddles can help you to stay alive 6/29/2018

Some riddles are funny, some are really hard. If you know the right answers to the riddles you will find below, it can save your life one day.

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