7 best tips on how to be fresh and energetic in the morning 6/27/2019

It's not a secret that the way you start your morning affects your whole day, but many of us continue to have troubles with waking up happy. Read on to find 7 useful tips that can help you make mornings the best part of any day.

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Does having allergies mean that you have a decreased immunity? 6/21/2019

No, allergy isn’t a sign of decreased immunity. It is a specific type of immune dysregulation.

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If you care about your health, these 7 discoveries will amaze you 6/19/2019

Is eating sugar worse than smoking? Why are nail salons dangerous? Do cholesterol-free foods help you get healthier? Read on to learn more about the most unexpected health discoveries.

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7 horrifying things people thought were healthy 6/17/2019

Today we know a lot about our body and the ways to keep it healthy. It hasn't always been this way, and people of the past tried some truly horrible things in order to get rid of illnesses.

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10 most interesting facts about dreams 5/24/2019
by M.

An average person spends about 1/3 of their life asleep. Can you imagine how many dreams we see in a lifetime? Here are some little-known facts about this mysterious and essential part of human nature.

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9 healthy eating rules that actually don't work 3/25/2019

There is so much information about healthy diet on the internet and on TV, but are these pieces of advice useful? Let's debunk some of the most popular healthy eating myths together.

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Gift Guide: Best Presents For Your Family and Friends 3/24/2019

It’s so pleasant to make people around you happy. Giving presents is the easiest way to do it.

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10 strange health facts you've never heard of 3/4/2019

Learning something new about our health is very important – it may help you improve your well-being and happiness. Anyway, some facts about the human body, our behavior and habits may surprise you and even make you laugh.

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Royal tips to keep you healthy 2/22/2019

Take a look at her Majesty. She is in good health and cheerful. How does she do it? Here you'll find some secrets of royal health.

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