6 people who proved that age is only a number 7/8/2019

All children want to grow into an adult while adult don't want to get any older. Many people feel depressed when they think about the age and are sure that at 60 they will live out their days. Here you'll read about 6 people who say that their life started after 60!

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5 brave and inspiring women who are changing the world right now 6/28/2019

Nothing can stop the women you are going to read about today. They inspire millions of people to take action and work passionately every day to make the world a better place.

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Nature's masterpieces – take a look at these 10 incredibly beautiful flowers 6/21/2019

From ancient times, flowers attracted people with their inimitable beauty and pleasant smell. In the modern world full of technology and entertainment, we still adore these incredible gifts of nature. Let's see the most gourgeous of them.

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14 most beautiful and extraordinary churches in the world 6/10/2019

Churches are probably the most wonderful structures on Earth – and they are much more than just buildings. These photos of the most astonishing churches in the world will definitely inspire you today.

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Try to solve these 7 funny riddles about summer 6/3/2019

Is it possible to become smarter and get yourself into the right mood at the same time? Only with these tricky riddles about summer. No matter what is the weather today, we hope they make you smile and raise your best summer memories.

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5 simple skills you need to learn to boost your intelligence 5/14/2019

Every day of our life is a lesson, but how can we put it into good use? Read on to find out what simple skills you need to develop to become smarter and remember more information.

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History is being made right now: meet Karen Uhlenbeck, the first woman to win Abel Prize 4/11/2019

In 2019, Abel prize for mathematics was awarded to a female scientist for the first time. Learn more about Karen Uhlenbeck and her extraordinary contribution to women's history.

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20 Fun Facts From All Over The World 3/30/2019

Our world is an amazing place we live in. In this article, you will find the most amazing facts from all over the world. Become the most interesting person in the room!

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5 awesome advertising campaigns that are worth watching 3/22/2019

Advertising is one of the major drivers for trade. However, it can be very annoying and distracting. This is the reason why we pay attention only to really great and creative campaigns.

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Ask yourself these 7 questions to find out if you are really smart 3/22/2019

If you love IQ tests, you've definitely passed a lot of them. But our intelligence is not always measured by the amount of knowledge we possess - sometimes it's about out behavior and everyday habits.

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