6 pairs of historical figures you didn't realize were contemporaries 4/27/2020

Some historical figures that are rarely mentioned in the same context seem to belong in different eras. It's surprising how many legendary lives actually overlapped.

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India's most majestic monastery cave complex – 8 fascinating pictures 4/23/2020

This rock-cut complex called the Ellora Caves is a beautiful tribute to faith, spirituality and ancient Indian workmanship.

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7 important space firsts, including the little-known ones 4/21/2020

The launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, the first human spaceflight, the first moonwalk – you definitely know a lot about these ground-breaking events. Still, there are some lesser known space firsts you need to find out about.

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15 vintage pictures of people doing weird and funny stuff 4/17/2020

These strange vintage photos prove that people always knew how to kill time and have proper fun. We hope these pictures will put a smile on your face!

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9 absolutely amazing facts about Amazon 4/10/2020

People love Amazon for its fast shipping and wide range of goods. You can buy there almost anything you want. However, how did that start? QuizzClub presents 9 fascinating facts about Amazon. Keep on reading!

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7 interesting facts about Walmart 4/3/2020

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that was founded in 1962. Since then it has changed economics of many countries. By the way, do you know that Walmart has different names in different places? Keep on reading to learn more amazing facts about Walmart.

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6 extraordinary facts about the Incas 3/26/2020

This huge and powerful empire flourished in South America over the course of three centuries. While the most famous site associated with the Incas is Machu Picchu, there are many little-known facts about these incredible civilization you need to know.

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5 important facts about Martin Luther King Jr 3/14/2020

This legendary man fought for justice the way no one did before. His eloquent speeches helped thousands of people to believe in their strength and better future. Let's learn something new about him with these inspiring Martin Luther King Jr. facts.

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You never realized these 3 legendary artists were self-taught 3/4/2020

Gaining recognition in the world of art is incredibly hard. The stories of these 3 famous self-taught artists prove that everything is possible, even without professional guidance.

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5 inspiring facts about International Women's Day 3/2/2020

On March 8th, the whole planet celebrates women's achievements in all spheres of life. Here are 5 great facts about this special day and the history behind it.

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