7 things you might not know were invented by women 7/15/2019

We use some of these things everyday, but we are still unaware of their origin. Let's find out which popular items were invented by talented women you've never heard of.

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Strange events that still don't have an explanation 7/12/2019

Many of us think that scientists have all the answers. In case they don't, they can find them. However, despite scientific progress there are some moments in our history that scientists can't explain.

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Test your memory by trying to name all the landmarks hidden in these pictures 7/2/2019

Anyone can recognize the most famous places from around the world, but can you guess these legendary landmarks by their surroundings? It's time to test your vision and memory.

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9 mysterious ghost towns around the globe 6/26/2019

Have you ever thought about how many towns on Earth have been abandoned by people? As it turned out, there are a lot of empty settlements in the world, but only few people know about their existence. Let's take a look at some of them.

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7 horrifying things people thought were healthy 6/17/2019

Today we know a lot about our body and the ways to keep it healthy. It hasn't always been this way, and people of the past tried some truly horrible things in order to get rid of illnesses.

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11 vintage photos and little-known facts about the major cities of the world 5/24/2019

Everyone knows these cities, and many people who read this have definitely been to at least one of them. Let's enjoy the oldest photos and some interesting facts about the most famous cities on the planet.

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True or false – can you tell these facts from fiction? 5/22/2019

Do you always believe what you hear or read? Today, we are surrounded by a world full of information, and telling fact from fiction becomes more and more challenging. Try to guess which of these facts are true and which are just nonsense.

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7 facts that will make you the center of attention 5/16/2019

Our history hides a lot of unusual events. If you are interested in the past you’ll never have time to be bored. Let’s discover some facts that will help you to impress any person you are talking to.

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Our Beloved Rebel — James Dean 5/16/2019

James Dean was an American actor from Indiana who died at the age of 24. His career was like a bright flash. Dean became a widely admired screen personality, a personification of the restless American youth of the mid-50s. Let’s learn more about his short but bright life.

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What caused Pangaea to break apart? 5/10/2019

Pangaea or Pangea was a supercontinent that united all the continents that are known to us today.

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