Only a genius can solve this mysterious and creepy riddle

Today you are going to act like a real detective. Try to solve this atmospheric riddle about a stranger in the car. Who knows, maybe you are born to become a new Sherlock Holmes?

You can find the answer below.

Did you come up with the right answer? Do you have any interesting detective riddles to share with us?

We are waiting for your comments!

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What are your thoughts on this subject?
j thomas
the wife died in childbirth the stranger was the baby.
May 4, 2018 3:16PM
Mattie York-McAlister
This is a horrible story
May 4, 2018 5:02PM
Matthew Roen
kristasieger, she may have given birth prematurely. I was 6-7 weeks early.
Jul 24, 2022 11:19PM
Matthew Roen
That was too easy
Jul 24, 2022 11:17PM
lls, that was kind of sad...I bet this happens in real life, too, from time to time...
May 23, 2022 5:18PM
garrett scott
A riddle without revealing an obvious bit of information is a poorly constructed riddle.
May 21, 2022 11:42AM
Rob Deamer
What a fun story 🧐
May 17, 2022 4:26PM
Deb Lamb
what an awful topic for entertainment. sad face.
Apr 26, 2022 3:07AM
Thanks to MY O-5 family (including VIBGYOR GIRLS)
Jan 12, 2022 8:10PM
Susanna Viljanen
Aww... poor man! He became a widower and a single parent on a single stroke *hugs*
Dec 24, 2021 11:13AM
Adriana Zuliani
How many people were in the car? The family was stuck in the middle of nowhere, not only the wife. Therefore, anyone could have trusted a car passing by and let the stranger in. Not enough informations to make an assumption.
Nov 28, 2021 5:17AM
Carole Baldwin
Wife gave birth died and stranger was the newborn baby
Nov 5, 2021 4:18PM
Why does it say that the family was stuck? Was that the clue?
Oct 13, 2021 4:27PM
The wife unlocked the door and the stranger entered the car. Locked the door and killed the wife. The husband returned just then.
Oct 13, 2021 4:21PM
Linda Madison Leckey
pwhelan, it can live for sometime with the cord attached
Sep 1, 2021 10:04PM
Linda Madison Leckey
I’m wit J Thomas
Sep 1, 2021 10:03PM
How did the child live with no one to cut the umbilical cord?
Jul 5, 2021 4:27PM

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