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7 popular historical myths you probably believe in 9/25/2017 • Ferrari

They say, lies always spread faster than truth. Especially when it comes to interesting facts about famous events and people. You will be surprised to find out all these popular historical facts are actually myths.

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10 awesome and beautiful foreign words that can't be translated to English 9/24/2017 •

Surely, these wonderful words describe phenomena and feelings you have seen and experienced, you just didn't have the right word to describe them. QuizzClub team believes we should steal these 10 outstanding units of speech to our language!

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Intriguing peculiarities of Louis Armstrong's life 9/22/2017 • Lynda Weappa

Louis Armstrong - one of the most influential artists in jazz history. He was a singer, soloist, bandleader, trumpeter, film star and comedian. He had instantly recognizable gravelly voice and demonstrated great dexterity as an improviser, bending the lyrics and melody of a song for expressive purposes. Let's learn more about this incredibly talented man!

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Have you seen cute spider paws? 9/22/2017 • Heriberto Rayo

Some people are scared of spiders, while the others love them or feel indifferent about them. We know that spiders eat insects, they can be poisonous and sometimes they suddenly appear in our houses. Meanwhile, spiders live in houses as pets, treated by their owners with love. We think that under the severe camouflage a fragile soul is hidden. Just take a look at these tiny paws under the microscope!

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7 little-known facts about James Bond, one of the most iconic movie characters of all time 9/21/2017 • Sh. Chap

It seems like James Bond and his unrepeatable image will never go out of style. Why not?! He is a true icon to men and women, young and old! Today QuizzClub team wants to share some amazing and little-known facts about the most famous and handsome secret agent of all time.

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Queen of Jazz: the most interesting facts about her life 9/21/2017 • juliet shaffer

Good music inspires us, leads us, gives us energy every day. We dedicated the article to the First Lady of Song - Ella Jane Fitzgerald. Let some Jazz into your soul!

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The Dead Sea keeps people alive 9/21/2017 • Stephanie Nixon

Actually the Dead Sea is not a sea - it's a lake. The lake is landed between Jordan, Israel and Palestine. Its surface is 430 meters below the sea level. The water has a unique chemical composition and is extremely salty: a man can read a newspaper while sitting in the middle of the Dead Sea without effort. Moreover, the Dead Sea is famous for its healing qualities. We provided the info about the healthy influence of the lake on a person. Come and see!

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5 mystery crime riddles that would bring out a true detective in you 9/20/2017 • Alma Jara

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a detective? Do you like to train your brain and solve hard riddles? Then this one is for you! Only smart people with a high IQ can solve these mystery detective riddles QuizzClub team has found for you. There are some crimes to be solved!

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How do hurricanes get their beautiful feminine names? 9/20/2017 • melissa esserwein

Annually hundreds of tropical cyclones, tornado cyclones, hurricanes and sandstorms appear on Earth. We obtain disturbing messages about disasters all over the planet from the TV or radio. Have you noticed those destructive creatures always have feminine names? It may seem quite absurd, that is why we decided to clarify the matter for our dear readers!

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