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Russian S7 Airlines helped popular American rock band to shoot a video in zero gravity! 2/20/2016 • Teresa henderson. ARTIST

Ok Go, a popular alternative rock band from the USA, has just released a new video shot in zero gravity in an actual aircraft! The result is somewhat amazing!

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15 incredible photos of alcoholic beverages under a microscope! 2/18/2016 • Muhammad Rasheed

Do you have any idea how different spirits look at 1000 magnification? We have prepared a set of pictures made by researchers of the University of Florida that will boggle your mind. If we didn’t know what it is we would never believe such beauty was created thanks to alcohol!

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Didga - possibly the smartest cat in the world! 2/17/2016 • Rroberts

This cat’s name is Didga and she has already become an internet celebrity. Watch these amazing funny videos and you will certainly understand why!

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10 weirdest presidential hobbies 2/15/2016 • Beatrix Vangor

The list of the presidential predilections is surprising: here are 10 most curious and astonishing hobbies of the Presidents of the United States, from George Washington’s out-of-town manufacture to Barack Obama’s nerd collection.

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Happy Valentine's Day: interesting facts about the holiday and the essence of love! 2/14/2016 • Fredy

Valentine’s Day is one of the brightest and tenderest holidays celebrated worldwide. But how much do you know about it? We prepared a portion of exciting facts you possibly have never heard of!

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Ayers Rock in the rain - a unique wonder of nature! 2/13/2016 • Kesaru Aosoki

Ayers Rock or Uluru is one of the world most famous and oldest rock formations located in the Central Australia. Rains in the area are a very rare occasion, but when it is raining, the view is somewhat surrealistic!

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Amazing look at a cranberry harvest: you haven’t seen anything like this before! 2/12/2016 • Сherrrrrri

Have you ever seen a cranberry harvest? And do you know how this berry is cultivated commercially? We bet you will be surprised because it is something unusual and impressive!

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