Beautiful but abandoned - incredible pictures of deserted places 6/16/2017

Take a look at the most amazing photos of abandoned places that are now surrounded by nature.

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#photography #Nature

These fabulous pictures of magical European landscapes will take your breath away 6/13/2017

This extremely talented photographer from Germany takes mysterious pictures of magical landscapes. They seem to be from a fairy tale. You need to see them!

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These 10 pictures of women who changed history will definitely inspire you 6/13/2017

Women are awesome! Here are the pictures of those who proved that they can be equal to men in any sphere of life. You can't miss this!

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#Society #female #inspiration

We bet you'll enjoy this amazing video of animals in the desert 6/9/2017

The camera was placed in a bucket of water in the middle of the desert. That's what happened…

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#animals #Nature

Succulent Cakes - for everyone who has a sweet tooth and passion for plants 6/8/2017

This pastry chef's love for succulents is incredible. It reveals in her beautiful cakes and cupcakes. We bet you've never seen such true-to-life creations!

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#food #inspiration

The most beautiful and original fountains from all over the world 6/8/2017

One can watch how fire burns and how water falls endlessly. QuizzClub team has found a list of the most beautiful fountains from all over the world to please your eyes. Enjoy!

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#art #inspiration

This social experiment will remind you a life is the most precious thing in the world 6/5/2017

We bet this social experiment will definitely remind you that safety always comes first!

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This artist draws detailed pictures of landscapes from memory 6/2/2017

You won't believe that this artist draws cityscapes... from his memory. And they are extremely detailed. Watch and surprise.

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#art #inspiration

The Beatles forever - facts you didn't know about the greatest band 6/2/2017

The Beatles forever! I have prepared a list of facts about one of the greatest music bands of our time. Bet you didn't know them!

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