That's what is happening deep within the ocean 9/28/2018

More than 80% of the Earth's water is still unexplored, but scientist have already discovered some bizarre things about the mysterious depths of the ocean. Are you ready to find out how deep the known part of the ocean really is?

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Is there a lie that actually saved lives? 9/24/2018

Meet the man who single-handedly faked an army and brought about the end of the Nazi regime.

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Music is getting worse with time - scientists can prove it now 9/24/2018

What's better, old music or new music? Many people like old songs better than anything else, and, as it turns out, science can now explain that.

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How and why did silent letters emerge in English? 9/21/2018

The easy answer is “because English can’t leave well enough alone.”

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Surviving hyperinflation - here is how much money the Venezuelans spend on everyday items 9/19/2018

Hyperinflation are the reality for Venezuelan people today. The inflation rate has already reached 83,000% and is predicted to top 1,000,000% by the end of 2018. Read on to find out what it’s like to survive hyperinflation every day.

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