7 most believed psychological myths 9/17/2018

Some people think that psychology is nothing more than entertainment. This misbelief causes the distortion of real facts.

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What is the most badass thing anyone has ever done? 9/16/2018

Be a beauty queen then apply lipstick and manicure your nails before going to battle against the imperial Japanese forces of World War II.

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What food has absolutely no taste, and yet it's regularly eaten? 9/16/2018

Shark fin. When renowned chef Gordon Ramsay tasted shark fin for the first time, this is what he said...

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What happens if you stop brushing your teeth altogether? 9/14/2018

As a dentist, I can simply tell you the most important reason: A Human diet bears almost no resemblance to the diet we evolved with AT ALL.

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If there are big cats, why are there no big dogs? 9/12/2018

In the same ecosystem with the same prey animals, there will always be larger cats than dogs.

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