17 photos that will drive any perfectionist crazy 8/26/2020

Perfection. It sounds great and it looks great. Nowadays more than ever we’re flooded with it on our Instagram and Facebook feeds, in ads, and in glossy magazines. We are used to perfection. That is why, some photos of non-perfection make us feel uncomfortable. QuizzClub Community is sure that these 17 photos will annoy the perfectionist in you! Keep on watching!

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15 best childhood memories we all experienced and will never forget 8/23/2020

Things have changed a lot since we were kids, but our precious childhood memories will stay with us forever. We hope remembering beautiful moments from this list will put a warm smile on your face.

P.S. Cool personal stories from people included!

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Fridge magnets – how did they become so popular? 8/23/2020

Fridge magnets are found in almost every household. They come in all sizes and shapes, make perfect travel souvenirs and serve some practical purposes. Let's learn more about how they became so popular in many parts of the world.

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7 dishes that taste like hell 8/21/2020

You might think the worst thing you've ever tasted was oatmeal you had to eat when you were a child. Well, we bet you are wrong. Check these unbelievable dishes that look amazing but taste like hell.

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10 photos North Korea didn’t want you to see 8/19/2020

Truth is relative, especially in North Korea. It is one of the most bizarre countries on earth. Today QuizzClub’s Community is counting down their picks for the top 10 curious photos from North Korea that Kim Jong-un didn’t want you to see! Keep on reading the article.

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15 foods you've been eating wrong this whole time 8/13/2020

When you were little someone took the time to teach you how to eat: chew each bite 3 times for good digestion; broccoli will help you grow big and strong; and, perhaps everyone’s least favorite meal time rule — dessert comes after dinner. Of course, by now you might think you’ve mastered the art of enjoying a good meal, but is that really true?

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The sworn virgins of Albania: women that live as men 8/8/2020

In northern Albania, there is an old custom that allows women to live as men. It requires great sacrifice: they must take a vow of lifelong celibacy. In return, they are granted all the rights of a man. If you want to learn more about these amazing women, keep on reading the article!

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6 inspiring facts that prove there’s no reason to be sad 8/7/2020

It's a well-known fact that optimism is good for our health. Besides, it helps us make tough choices in difficult situations. Let's check some inspiring facts that will make you more optimistic.

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15 of the most annoying things we deal with every day 8/7/2020

Sometimes, even the smallest things can really get on our nerves. This list of the most irritating small things proves that everyone is faced with them from time to time, and the best way to deal with it is to have a good laugh and go on.

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What is more valuable than monetary wealth? 8/1/2020

I lost $15mm in one summer. It was about a million a week and then it picked up speed.

I bought a house. I invested in bad companies. I started worse companies. I bought art. I took A LOT of helicopters. I thought about money all the time. I wanted to make $100 million. Then...I thought...I can finally feel like I achieved something. That's how stupid I was. I then lost my house, lost my marriage, lost my friends, lost my family, lost a lot of opportunities.

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