Feel the real power of time: see how these 11 ordinary objects have changed over the years 12/22/2020

Though sometimes we tend to forget about it, all things in life change. In this post, we will be sharing pictures that show how the passage of time can make a great deal of difference on everyday objects.

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6 real historical events that sound too crazy to be true 12/20/2020

At school, we learned about some of the greatest evens in the history of humanity, but our past is not all noble or majestic. Not everything worth knowing has shaped the world we live in, some things echoed through the years simply because of their weirdness. Today, we're going to learn about such things.

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8 greatest mistakes in history made by humans 12/19/2020

Throughout the history of the world, so many mistakes were made by men that were so costly. It’s worth having a detailed look at some of them, as they’ll prove to be of valuable lessons to us. Here are 8 of the most embarrassing mistakes in human history.

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Debunking myths about inventors that people still believe 12/16/2020

There are still a lot of myths involving some of the most crucial inventions of all time, and we're going to debunk them in this post.

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8 funny things we all did as children (and some of us are still doing) 12/10/2020

Growing up, so many of us did not have access to as much technology as we do now. We did so many things to stop the boredom. Looking back, there are so many of those things that were ridiculous. As a matter of fact, we still do most of them every now and then...

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7 statistics that will change how you see the world 12/7/2020

Have you ever thought about how many beliefs you've acquired just because you happened to hear or read something? The following 7 statistics may radically change your opinion on some common subjects.

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5 inconspicuous facts about Europe 12/4/2020

Did you know that Europe was named after a woman seduced by Zeus when he disguised as a bull? It’s also funny to know that it’s illegal to flush a toilet after 10 pm in Switzerland!If that sort of thing intrigues you, wait till you discover even more.

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5 timeless things that are actually surprisingly recent 12/3/2020

Today, we’ll be taking a look at 5 things that seem like they’ve been around forever and their surprisingly recent starts.

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7 pictures of people whose acts of kindness inspire us all 11/30/2020

There is a saying that if many people understood kindness, then the world would be a better place. Believe it or not, I’ve met many people who strive to make the world a better place with their act of kindness.

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9 frightening real life stories that even science cannot explain 11/26/2020

Have you ever been faced with any situation that you could not fathom, even with all the laws of science? As it turns out, many people have had a similar experience. I'm going to be sharing some of their most bizarre encounters here.

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