If you care about your health, these 7 discoveries will amaze you 6/19/2019

Is eating sugar worse than smoking? Why are nail salons dangerous? Do cholesterol-free foods help you get healthier? Read on to learn more about the most unexpected health discoveries.

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You won't believe these 10 facts are true, but they are 6/11/2019

There are so many weird and bizarre things in the world – life will never stop fascinating us! Here is a compilation of the most surprising and unbelievable facts about everything.

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14 most beautiful and extraordinary churches in the world 6/10/2019

Churches are probably the most wonderful structures on Earth – and they are much more than just buildings. These photos of the most astonishing churches in the world will definitely inspire you today.

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Why do we give up our favourite food? 5/24/2019

Internet is changing our everyday life. If there's information that something can affect our life we are ready to give it up for better health. However, a lot of these facts are false or exaggerated. Let's analyze some food facts together.

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7 facts that will make you the center of attention 5/16/2019

Our history hides a lot of unusual events. If you are interested in the past you’ll never have time to be bored. Let’s discover some facts that will help you to impress any person you are talking to.

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What is the difference between Inc., Ltd., Co. and LLC? 5/10/2019

We often encounter these abbreviations but do we really know the meaning behind them?

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Why did we evolve to like music? 5/10/2019

Existing theories seem incomplete, so here’s another one. I think music is a side-effect of the evolution of self-awareness and love.

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Why can't bots check “I am not a robot” checkboxes? 5/3/2019

How complicated can one little checkbox be? I mean it’s just OH MY GOD YOU CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE.

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Do mission control personnel go through as many simulations as astronauts? 5/3/2019

Mission control personnel go through a lot more simulations as the flight controller needs to develop very specialized skills and knowledge.

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