Why were dinosaurs so large in size? 12/30/2018

Before we start, what you need to realise is that dinosaurs were definitely large, but not so large.

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Coral Reefs Around The World Are In Grave Danger. Here's What's Happening 12/4/2018

Here’s what you need to know about the grave threats facing coral reefs. If we don’t act soon, we may destroy these beautiful pieces of the earth.

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Unforgettable pictures to remind you how breathtaking our planet is 11/16/2018

In the bustle of everyday life we often forget that our planet is unique with its diverse natural beauty. The opportunity to contemplate its creations is a great way to release stress. Take a moment and look at these amazing pictures taken on our planet and delight in its beauty!

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What is the creepiest and most terrifying place in the world? 11/13/2018

One of the creepier places, but also oddly charming, is Lake Natron in Tanzania.

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What sounds extremely wrong, but is actually correct? 11/4/2018

All of the nation of Monaco can fit inside the Indy 500 sports stadium.

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These 12 facts about everything will amaze you 11/4/2018

We learn so much every day, yet the world keeps surprising us all the time. These incredible facts about everything will make your jaw drop!

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