Fantastical caves full of magical atmosphere 8/13/2019

There are so many beautiful places on Earth that have been forming for millions of years but found by people not that long ago. Caves are one of them and they are fantastic. Each of them has its unique little world full of magic... You need to see this!

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The most extreme settlements on Earth – you won't believe people still live there 8/7/2019

Some people live in harsh conditions for their entire lives – and they not only get used to it, but also learn to enjoy it. Let's take a look at the most unbelievable places where people live.

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What are some remarkable facts about Switzerland? 7/19/2019

We all know that Switzerland is one of the most rich countries in the world. However, there are some things you might have never heard about it before.

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The mysterious beauty of water: 15 prettiest lakes on Earth 7/18/2019

Water is powerful and impressive. Lakes present on our planet are one of the most majestic creations of nature. Let's take a look at the most beautiful of them.

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Colorful and spectacular – unique trees and forests from around the world 7/4/2019

Trees are one of the most beautiful and important inhabitants of Earth. You've definitely seen a lot of them, but these incredible species will surprise you.

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Test your memory by trying to name all the landmarks hidden in these pictures 7/2/2019

Anyone can recognize the most famous places from around the world, but can you guess these legendary landmarks by their surroundings? It's time to test your vision and memory.

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9 mysterious ghost towns around the globe 6/26/2019

Have you ever thought about how many towns on Earth have been abandoned by people? As it turned out, there are a lot of empty settlements in the world, but only few people know about their existence. Let's take a look at some of them.

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You won't believe these 10 facts are true, but they are 6/11/2019

There are so many weird and bizarre things in the world – life will never stop fascinating us! Here is a compilation of the most surprising and unbelievable facts about everything.

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14 most beautiful and extraordinary churches in the world 6/10/2019

Churches are probably the most wonderful structures on Earth – and they are much more than just buildings. These photos of the most astonishing churches in the world will definitely inspire you today.

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10 terrifying facts about the world ocean 5/31/2019

The huge body of salt water that covers our planet remains mysterious... really frightening. In fact, we barely know something about that. Read on to find the scariest facts about the Earth's ocean.

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