Fabulous world in miniature by this Russian artist will definitely fascinate you 3/7/2017

Have you ever heard about Olga Mutina? She is a talented craftswoman from Russia, who creates wonderful miniature houses and pieces of furniture. You'd better see them with your own eyes!

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Nostalgia: what do you know about this feeling? 3/6/2017

Do you really know what nostalgia is? Discover the most interesting facts in this incredible video!

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#History #psychology

5 weird signals of your genius nature 3/4/2017

You are more of genius than you think! And these facts will prove it. Take a look at these 5 features each true genius has, and make sure that you're one of them.

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#Science #Personality #IQ

Vitamin C: Is an orange the best source? 3/1/2017

For years we’ve been told that oranges are the best source of Vitamin C. But we’ve been misled. Why? Find out in this video!

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#health #food

Dream Brooches - Fairy tale comes to life on the wings of these marvelous dragons 2/25/2017

Have you ever dreamed of taming a dragon? This artist from Russia can help you to get one. Look and enjoy!

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Beware - the most dangerous animals in the world 2/23/2017

Sometimes danger can wait for you just around the corner. QuizzClub team has found the most harmful animals in the world. If you're brave enough, look!

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#animals #Nature

Chocolate: Basic and surprising facts about chocolate for a sweet tooth 2/14/2017

Valentine's Day has come and what can be a better present to prove your love to your soulmate than chocolate? However, before choosing a perfect chocolate present we should learn some interesting facts about it. Why? Watch the video and you'll see!

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#food #holiday

A touch of real magic - Magnificent view of our Earth from the outer space 2/12/2017

Our Universe is magnificent and attractive. No doubt, each of you at least once dreamed of flying to the Moon or looking at the Earth and the other planets from the outer space. Luckily for us now not only cosmonauts have this opportunity.

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#inspiration #photography

Masterpiece made by our nature - a bird with colorful feathers 2/11/2017

Our nature is full of marvels. Nicobar pigeon must be one of the most outstanding natural miracles. If you haven't seen this fabulous creature yet, then it’s time to do it now.

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#inspiration #Nature

Interesting facts about raspberries – the world’s most delicate fruit 2/4/2017

Do you like raspberries? Have you ever thought of the ways of keeping them from going moldy so darn fast? Than this video is specially for you.

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