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What breakfast looks like in 20 different countries 4/12/2017 • The Happy One

What do you prefer to eat for breakfast? We bet some guy from Philippines would prefer rather different meal. What meal exactly? Find out right now!

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Van Gogh's mystery - What is really depicted in his most famous painting? 4/12/2017 • Barbara Bechard

For over a hundred years, people have been wondering about what is represented in the famous "The Starry Night". Is the mystery finally revealed? Let's find out!

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7 little-known facts about the most emotional nation 4/11/2017 • Roxanne

What do you know about the Italians? QuizzClub team has prepared 7 interesting facts about this nation. Enjoy!

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Incredible pictures of the last tribes living on our planet 4/11/2017 • Ashes to ashes

This photographer traveled all around the world to find and take pictures of still existing tribes. You need to see it!

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Pictures of artistic cats taken in the right place at the right time 4/11/2017 • Barb Lenn

Do you believe in coincidence? These perfectly timed pictures of cats will show you coincidences exist and even can be really funny to watch.

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These realistic sculptures of different people will blow your mind 4/10/2017 • Ferrari

There are so many gifted people in the world! This artist creates astonishing sculptures that look like real people from the past. You need to see them!

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16 killing designs of architects 4/10/2017 • known mckown

We bet you will be shocked by these genius architectural wonders as much as we are. You can't miss it!

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Take it easy OR Animals who don't care 4/7/2017 • The Happy One

We bet you're going to love these funny and fascinating pictures of animals who care about nothing. You can't miss it!

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Tricks of time - why we perceive it differently 4/6/2017 • Сherrrrrri

Have you ever noticed that our perception of time changes? Sometimes 5 minutes can pass briefly or lasts for too long. How is it possible? How does time trick us?

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#IQ #psychology

Alike - a touching story about life in the modern world of responsibilities 4/5/2017 • Kesaru Aosoki

Modern world imposes its rules and responsibilities. It's getting really difficult to stay yourself and not to lose your individuality. This short cartoon is exactly about our life. You can't miss it!

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