What were the weirdest wars in history? 10/21/2018

The Gombe Chimpanzee War, A conflict that didn’t involve any humans.

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Why is the great red spot so permanent on Jupiter? 10/20/2018

The Great Red Spot is as tall as the Earth and almost three times as wide.

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12 rare animals you'd love to see 10/20/2018

It's not easy to surprise people in the age of electronic information. However, there are animals that are rare to see online and in real life. Take a look at these 12 amazing creatures and say how many of them you see for the first time!

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Find the hidden objects in these pictures to see how sharp your vision is 10/19/2018

To solve some riddles, you don't have to know a lot. You just need to be patient and observant. Try to find the hidden objects in the pictures below to test your vision and attention.

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These 12 facts about food will spoil your appetite (not for the faint-hearted) 10/19/2018

We all need to eat. We all LOVE to eat. But do you know enough about the food you eat every day? Get ready, because some of these incredible facts about food will shock you!

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