7 healthiest teas to live longer 9/24/2019

Drinking teas is the oldest treatment people know. Certain types of tea boost your digestive system, prevent heart disease, and induce relaxation. So how do you decide which tea is healthiest for you? In this article, you’ll find a list of the teas that boast the most health benefits overall.

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10 English words that used to have completely different meanings 9/22/2019

Many words we use everyday appeared many centuries ago and have witnessed numerous historical changes, that's why their meanings have mutated over time. Read on to find the most outstanding examples of such words.

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The answers to these 5 tricky questions about the world will feed your curiosity 9/19/2019

The most curious and interesting questions usually come to our mind while we're living our everyday life. Read this article to learn more about the universe, deleted files and the power of the human jump.

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8 ordinary foods that may help you live longer 9/13/2019

Everybody knows that it's important to pay attention to what you eat. In this article, you will find out which everyday products are the best longevity helpers.

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Improve your memory with these 7 everyday exercises 9/2/2019

You won't spend much time on these – the useful tips you'll find below will help you make your daily routine useful for your brain and memory.

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Test your knowledge of your own body: which of these health facts are false? 8/27/2019

Today, we know a lot about our body and health... but is the information we read and hear always accurate? Try to tell which of these facts are false to check how good your knowledge of health-related topics really is.

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What are some unusual immunities that certain people have? 8/20/2019

I honestly didn’t believe this one when I heard it on the radio so I had to fact check the sh*t out of it.

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5 most dangerous health mistakes you should avoid 8/2/2019

The more we know about health and science, the more mistakes we can make. Pay attention to these 5 things if you want to care about your health the right way.

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