7 horrifying things people thought were healthy 6/17/2019

Today we know a lot about our body and the ways to keep it healthy. It hasn't always been this way, and people of the past tried some truly horrible things in order to get rid of illnesses.

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These 7 impressive math tricks will blow your mind 6/13/2019

Math can be fun, and even some simplest equations and rules may surprise you. Prepare a calculator and try these funny tricks with numbers. Attention: some of them are hacks that can be highly useful in your everyday life!

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You won't believe these 10 facts are true, but they are 6/11/2019

There are so many weird and bizarre things in the world – life will never stop fascinating us! Here is a compilation of the most surprising and unbelievable facts about everything.

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10 terrifying facts about the world ocean 5/31/2019

The huge body of salt water that covers our planet remains mysterious... really frightening. In fact, we barely know something about that. Read on to find the scariest facts about the Earth's ocean.

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Top 7 weirdest facts about the English language 5/29/2019

English is an astonishing language which can surprise even those who speak it from birth. These 7 facts about our beloved language will prove it.

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10 most interesting facts about dreams 5/24/2019
by M.

An average person spends about 1/3 of their life asleep. Can you imagine how many dreams we see in a lifetime? Here are some little-known facts about this mysterious and essential part of human nature.

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True or false – can you tell these facts from fiction? 5/22/2019

Do you always believe what you hear or read? Today, we are surrounded by a world full of information, and telling fact from fiction becomes more and more challenging. Try to guess which of these facts are true and which are just nonsense.

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10 funny riddles only the wittiest people can solve 5/16/2019

It's not a secret that high intelligence is linked with our sense of humor. Try to solve this tricky riddles based on jokes to train your brain and boost your wittiness at the same time.

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5 simple skills you need to learn to boost your intelligence 5/14/2019

Every day of our life is a lesson, but how can we put it into good use? Read on to find out what simple skills you need to develop to become smarter and remember more information.

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