Impressing Africa - the land of contrasts 4/12/2018

Africa is often described as the continent of wild animals and indigenous tribes. Is it true today?

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You will be surprised by these 11 paradoxical facts about everything 4/11/2018

As it turns out, we can still increase our general knowledge of the world. For example, everyone knows that fighting bulls are irritated by the color red... but what if that's not true?

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10 fascinating and little-known facts about firefighters 4/10/2018

Firefighters are real heroes who risk their lives to save others every day. This heroic profession exists since the 17th century, but a lot of extraordinary facts about firefighters still remain unknown. Let's find out more about them!

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6 handy facts about how airports work 4/10/2018

Airports have their own rules and regulations that differ from one country to another. Ordinary travelers know not much about how the things work there. Let's learn some of their secrets!

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7 incredible examples of motivating people who never gave up 4/4/2018

From time to time, we all suffer rejections and misunderstanding. Some people are stopped by the obstacles, while others continue their struggle to achieve the highest results. Get inspired by these 7 amazing stories about people who were once completely broken, but never gave in.

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Some really curious statistics that won't bore you 4/3/2018

If you used to avoid statistics with its charts, diagrams and lots of numbers, this is not the case now. Here are some facts that you'll read in one breath.

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Dazzling facts about Selena, an iconic Mexican-American singer 4/1/2018

You may know Selena, a talented singer and a gorgeous woman whose songs brought Mexican Tejano music to the masses. But how much do you know about Selena, a passionate spokesperson, entrepreneur, and philanthropist? Let's find out more and celebrate the legacy of one of the most influential Latin singers in history.

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7 key differences between the construction of male and female brain 4/1/2018

Why do men and women behave differently? Does it depend on the structure of our brain, or does our lifestyle build our character? Find out more about the main brain differences between genders in this article.

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These 10 things we use and see every day are going to disappear soon 3/20/2018

We can't imagine our life without a lot of things. But the world is ever changing, and soon enough we will have to say goodbye to some stuff we are so used to. You will be surprised to find out what will disappear from our everyday life in the nearest future.

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10 popular items with surprisingly giant markups 3/19/2018

We all agree to pay big amounts of money for comfort and entertainment. But the markups for some things we buy every day turn out to be really giant! The difference between the production cost and the selling price of these 10 things is truly surprising.

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