10 ridiculous and confusing laws from around the world 6/16/2018

Do you know where in the world you can be fined for wearing pink pants or a chewing gum? You won't believe some of these strange laws actually exist in the different counties of the world.

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The flower you choose will say a lot about your personality 6/15/2018

The things you like and choose can say a lot about your true nature. Take this simple visual test to find out more about your personality.

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8 interesting facts about Her Majesty 6/14/2018

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary is the longest ruling monarch in the world. This woman is associated with authority and dignity. Let’s find out some little-known facts about her life.

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Flag day in the USA - the celebration of unity and independence of the country 6/14/2018

US Flag Day is one of the distinctive official holidays celebrated in the USA. This day and during the whole week of June 14th, the nation honors the American Flag, not only the official symbol of the country, but a world-famed sign. Today we want to share the most important and even little-known facts about the sign that plays a big part in the lives of the Americans.

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Introverts vs. Extroverts - they really see the world differently 6/12/2018

It's hard for an introvert to understand extroverts and vice versa. These pictures will show you how the two personality types see the same situations.

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Now and then: see how our everyday objects have changed 6/4/2018

Nothing remains unchanged. Technologies ease our life adding new features to the things we got used to. Let’s take a trip to the past and track their evolution!

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#History #Society #photography

You would give up everything to get a job like this 6/4/2018

Do you think all your jobs were boring? There are more boring ones. But well-paid! Take a look at these weird, stressful and awesome career opportunities!

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These absolutely breathtaking photos prove our world is the most unique place in the Universe 5/29/2018

There is so much going on in the world! See the collection of strange and amazing pics that will make your day.

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#Society #Nature

These 9 hilarious facts about everything will turn your world upside down 5/27/2018

In Scotland, there are more than 400 words to describe snow. The largest tire manufacturer in the world is... LEGO. A dog was once elected a mayor of a small town, Are you ready for more hilarious facts about the world?

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#Culture #History #Society

The truth behind 6 modern fears we all share - how worried should we be? 5/25/2018

Everyone is afraid of something, isn't that true? As it turns out, even the greatest and more popular fears in the world can be nurtured not by real events, but only by some imaginary phenomena...

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