These 9 hilarious facts about everything will turn your world upside down 5/27/2018

In Scotland, there are more than 400 words to describe snow. The largest tire manufacturer in the world is... LEGO. A dog was once elected a mayor of a small town, Are you ready for more hilarious facts about the world?

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The truth behind 6 modern fears we all share - how worried should we be? 5/25/2018

Everyone is afraid of something, isn't that true? As it turns out, even the greatest and more popular fears in the world can be nurtured not by real events, but only by some imaginary phenomena...

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These 10 incredibly kind stories will touch your heart 5/17/2018

Aren't you tired of negative news we hear and see every day? Good things still happen in the world we live in! Just take a look at these 10 incredible acts of kindness that will bring positive energy to your life right now.

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These 10 most ironic facts of all time will feed your dark sense of humor 5/4/2018

Do you feel unlucky in life sometimes? Take a look at this list of the most ironic coincidences in the history of humanity, and you will definitely feel relieved.

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9 most successful and unstoppable women of our time 4/28/2018

These famous powerful women overcame many hardships, proved that nothing is impossible, and became true legends of our time. Check out their incredible and inspirational stories.

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How well do people from different countries around the world sleep? 4/27/2018

Do you know where in the world people get the best - and the worst - sleep? A survey recently conducted by the popular mobile app "Sleep Cycle" revealed the sleeping habits of different countries. Let's take a look!

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Here are the best reasons why you shouldn't sit for several hours a day 4/20/2018

It's not a secret we sit too much these days. Modern world let us move as little as possible, as we can do almost everything with the help of our smartphones and computers. But there are still reasons why you should consider living a more active life and sit less.

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Products you'll buy only for their unique packaging 4/20/2018

It's time to realize that packaging is as important as the product itself. You will be surprised!

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Impressing Africa - the land of contrasts 4/12/2018

Africa is often described as the continent of wild animals and indigenous tribes. Is it true today?

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You will be surprised by these 11 paradoxical facts about everything 4/11/2018

As it turns out, we can still increase our general knowledge of the world. For example, everyone knows that fighting bulls are irritated by the color red... but what if that's not true?

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