95% Of People Can't Spot These Soldiers In Full Camouflage - Can You?

Some of these will legitimately concern you with just how camouflaged they are!

#IQ #color

Can You Pass This Seemingly Simple Keyboard Memory Test?

Only 2% of the population can pass this test! -- 15 questions! -- No Cheating!


Can You Pass A 9th Grade Literature Exam?

So you think you'd pass a 9th grade literature exam? We'll see about that...

#knowledge #literature

Can You Pass This American History Quiz?

People should know their history. Let's find out whether you know it!

#History #knowledge

Do You Really Know What's In Household Chemicals?

We deal with chemistry everyday of our lives without even knowing it! Can you name the chemical that is associated with each everyday item?

#Science #knowledge

Classic Rock Lyrics Or Classic Literature

Do you know Literature and Classic Rock? We will give you the opening line from a song or a book. Your challenge is to decide is it rock or literature?

#music #knowledge #literature

Only People With An Above Average I.Q. Can Find The Woman Hidden In This Photograph

Find her in less than eight seconds and your perception is considerably above normal.


97% Of Americans Can't Name These Famous Foreign Books

Take on a literary challenge with these 20 foreign books.

#language #knowledge

Even 90's Kids Can't Answer All Of These Correctly. Can You?

Can you name all 21 of the biggest kids TV shows from the 90's? Put your skills to the test with this super tricky quiz!

#History #Movies & TV #knowledge

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