Can you correct these 16 basic grammar mistakes?

These are very basic grammar mistakes that almost everyone misses. See how well you do!

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How Well Do You Know David Bowie?

The musical icon and rebel passed away a few days after his 69th birthday on January 10, 2016 due to cancer. You will be missed, David Bowie. #RIPDavidBowie. Take the quiz challenge!

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Are You Actually Clued Up On History?

How well do you know what actually happened in the past century? Time to get clued up!

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Only 4% Of The Population Can Pass This Math Test!

20 questions to find out whether you are in the top 4%.

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97% Of American Women Can't Name These Famous Foreign Books. Can You?

"The problem with life is, by the time you can read women like a book, your library card has expired."

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How good are your math skills?

As a new report suggests that the UK's numeracy levels are not up to scratch, put your skills to the test.

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Astronomy: The Quiz

Take this test to see just how good you are at astronomy.

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