Can You Complete The Intermediate Math Challenge?

As pupils across the world complete the Intermediate Maths Challenge, we take a look at some past questions.

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How Well Do You Know Science?

10 simple questions to tell how good you are at Science! So what are you waiting for?

Play this test now!

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Are You Better At Math Than The general Population?

Research shows that almost 4 in 5 adults have a numeracy level below that of grade C GCSE or above.

Take the quiz below to see if you're one of the better ones.

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Are These Science Facts True Or A Load Of Baloney?

Fancy yourself a science boffin? Take our quiz and see if you can sort out the facts from the fiction!

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How much do you know about the human brain?

Try to guess/answer these questions and figure out how much you think you know about the human brain!

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Unbelievable! 99% Of College Students Fail This Math Test

Only 15 questions to find out whether you're in the top 1%! Let's start immediately!

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78% Of Adults Won't Be Able To Match These 4th Grade Science Terms to Their Definition

Do you know more about science than a 4th grader? Test yourself here and find out!

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Could You Be An Astrologer?

Check your knowledge of Astrology with these 15 star-steered questions.

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Can You Pass Chemistry 101?

Do you have a basic understanding of chemistry? Test your knowledge with this exciting chemistry 101 quiz!

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