Noteworthy peculiarities of Eastern meal culture 12/15/2017

Do you know everything about using chopsticks? There are certain rules an ordinary American wouldn't understand.

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Surprising facts about Hemingway you probably didn’t know 12/14/2017

Although during his eventful life he was once reported dead while still alive, his actual death was not what it seemed originally.

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8 curious facts about cute and lovely reindeer 12/13/2017

We love reindeer because they help Santa... but what do we know about them? Every fairy tale believer should know the real side of these strong animals!

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The Turkey pardon: what’s the origin of the tradition? 11/23/2017

Most of us got used to celebrating Thanksgiving day. Do we know everything about the tradition of the Turkey pardon? Some interesting facts and statistics especially for you!

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6 popular myths about Thanksgiving you shouldn't believe 11/21/2017

As it turns out, the popular image of the first Thanksgiving in America is not that accurate. It's time to dispel some common myths about the origin of our favorite holiday. Are you ready?

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This Chinese artist creates astonishing sculptures that look 100% real 10/30/2017

Culture Story: This Chinese artist creates astonishing sculptures that look 100% real


Chinese artist Luo Li Rong creates the most realistic feminine sculptures. This precise work and graceful lineaments give you an impression that the time has stopped and a second after the sculptures will move. You can almost see them breathing. Come and see! We bet you will fall in love with these works...

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Laughing out loud - 20 funniest GIFs that will make your day 10/24/2017

Just take a look at this set of the funniest GIFs that will put a smile on your face!

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Avolatte and other coffee drinks most people never heard of 10/23/2017

We all know the most popular kinds of coffee drinks. QuizzClub team found some extraordinary ones for you! Have you tried it? Let's see!

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10 reasons to start practicing Yoga 10/23/2017

We do care about you being happy and healthy, thus we investigated why Yoga is good for a human body. Check this info!

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13 mysterious places in the world you wouldn't find in a guide book 10/17/2017

There are places on the Earth that are closed for ordinary tourists for some reason. There are photos of the things that you could hardly see personally. Check it right now!

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