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Look closer - Incredible examples of owl camouflage 3/13/2017 • Brooke Becker

Owls are awesome. Can you find them at these pictures? Watch and try!

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This artist creates realistic portraits with salt - you can't miss it 3/13/2017 • Tanya Bacon

These works are masterpieces! We're sure you will see the true value of them and enjoy the most amazing portraits made with salt.

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Top 10 most unusual hotels of the world that astonish their guests 3/10/2017 • dawn

Do you already know where to spend your summer holidays? We have collected the most unusual hotels from all over the world to help you with this decision.

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#inspiration #holiday

The most amusing reactions of pets seeing things for the first time 3/10/2017 • Joyce Harris

QuizzClub team gathered the funniest reactions of pets for you. We bet you'll like all the pics!

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The secret is out - now you will know why cartoon characters wear gloves 3/10/2017 • Diane McKenzie

Have you ever wondered why our favorite cartoon characters wear gloves? This video will reveal the truth! Watch and figure this out.

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#Movies & TV

Mysterious paintings hidden on the edges of ancient books 3/9/2017 • Andy

We bet, you've never seen paintings on the edges of the books. Luckily for you, QuizzClub team has found these fine works of art. Watch and admire!

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Amazing and unforgettable - animal portraits taken by Sergey Polyushko 3/9/2017 • Brian

It's impossible to stay indifferent to animals. Especially when this Ukrainian photographer takes pictures of them. Look and enjoy!

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#animals #photography

Absorbing performance - this conductor knows how to involve the audience into the action 3/9/2017 • Joyce Harris

Do you like classic music? This conductor knows not only how to please the audience's ears, but also entertain them and involve into the music-making. We bet you'll like this performance.

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#music #inspiration

10 animals with vitiligo disease who run out of ink 3/9/2017 • marco

Have you ever seen animals with vitiligo disease? QuizzClub team has found 10 of them to show you that lack of color on their skin isn't the barrier to be absolutely adorable.

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Japanese artist creates unbelievable food sculptures 3/9/2017 • Terry

Imagine how much time such work takes...Is it worth the result? See yourself!

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#food #art