10 tricky math riddles: can you crack them all? 4/9/2019

Simple math riddles and equations can become a good way to spend quality time and train your brain. Let's get better at solving math puzzles together!

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7 beautiful genetic anomalies 4/5/2019

Our genes are very complex and form fantastic combinations that one can hardly predict. Take a look at 7 anomalies that turned out to be people's strengths and made these people unique.

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You will learn a lot about the world with these cool maps 4/2/2019

Those who loved geography at school definitely know how fascinating a map can be. Anyway, there are maps everyone might find interesting – take a look at these.

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7 objects made by humans that are thought to be creations of nature 3/29/2019

According to the scientists, nature untouched by humans is now almost gone. Hard to believe? Then take a look at this list of man-made things you thought were natural.

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#Science #Nature

9 healthy eating rules that actually don't work 3/25/2019

There is so much information about healthy diet on the internet and on TV, but are these pieces of advice useful? Let's debunk some of the most popular healthy eating myths together.

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Don’t trust your eyes: how do optical illusions work? Examples included 3/14/2019

Some optical illusions really blow our minds. However, it’s not easy to understand how these illusions work at once. Let’s get through this!

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6 problems caused by global warming 3/7/2019

Changes in our climate serve as an inspiration for disaster movies. However, in reality the fate of our planet is very similar to film scripts. Here is the list of possible problems that can be triggered by the climate change.

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#Geography #Science

10 strange health facts you've never heard of 3/4/2019

Learning something new about our health is very important – it may help you improve your well-being and happiness. Anyway, some facts about the human body, our behavior and habits may surprise you and even make you laugh.

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#Science #health

Shake your brain by solving these 10 short riddles 2/11/2019

Solving short riddles is one of the best brain exersices. Have fun and try to solve these 10 simple brainteasers.

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