Not every person is allowed to live in this extremely comfortable village 12/31/2017

Can you believe that there is a small village where every inhabitant is constantly watched but no one feels uneasy about it? Let's see!

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Things you wanted to know but were probably too busy to find out 12/31/2017

There are questions everyone asked oneself but had no time to find the answer. Learn something new about the world we live in!

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Winter inspired pictures that captured the beauty of ice 12/29/2017

Isn't winter your favorite season? It will be - as soon as you see these magnificent pics!

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​9 amazing discoveries that were never announced 12/29/2017

Every day scientists make sensational discoveries, which contradict everything written in books and completely change our apprehension of life on Earth.

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Real movie-like stories you can tell your friends 12/29/2017

Disasters, bizarre sights, weird events and practices and more - this article will certainly make you say "Wow"!

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Unexpectedly comical shots of wild animals that will make your day 12/27/2017

You can't take such photos on purpose - animals are so unpredictable. All of these funny photos are unique and of high quality. Have fun!

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Fresh astonishing facts for you from around the world 12/27/2017

Apple admitted intentional deceleration of iPhones - and 9 more interesting facts we want to share.

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Everything to know about Japan's most famous active volcano 12/27/2017

Mount Fuji is one of the most important sacred places in Japan that has always inspired people. What is so interesting about it? Let's learn together!

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