Only true brainiacs know the hidden meaning of these words 12/25/2017

What do capuchins and cappuccino have in common? And mice and muscles? Read further to find out!

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10 meaningful foreign idioms that can't be translated literally 12/25/2017

They say, actions speak louder than words, but some words put together can also sound quite loud. Let's not beat around the bush and take a look at this astonishing list of the most powerful foreign idioms. Their idiomatic meanings will definitely surprise you.

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Incredible story of a man with a rare disease who made the world listen to him 12/22/2017

This person has no arms or legs from his birth but still, he is one of the most impressive figures of our time!

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Why do cats sleep in empty boxes? The greatest mystery is finally revealed 12/18/2017

Have you ever thought why cats prefer empty boxes to expensive cat beds? The answer is here!

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​15 unexpected items one can get with $1 around the globe 12/17/2017

Having only one dollar in your pocket is not much, isn't it? Actually, it depends on where you are going to spend it. One dollar can be a decent sum in some places! Here is the list of things a buck can buy you around the globe, and some of these are really surprising.

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Noteworthy peculiarities of Eastern meal culture 12/15/2017

Do you know everything about using chopsticks? There are certain rules an ordinary American wouldn't understand.

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Surprising facts about Hemingway you probably didn’t know 12/14/2017

Although during his eventful life he was once reported dead while still alive, his actual death was not what it seemed originally.

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Only the bravest would dare to visit the deadliest garden in the world 12/14/2017

Can you imagine that there is a garden in the world that contains nothing but deadly poison plants? Some of them can kill you in 30 minutes.

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8 curious facts about cute and lovely reindeer 12/13/2017

We love reindeer because they help Santa... but what do we know about them? Every fairy tale believer should know the real side of these strong animals!

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Astonishing facts about beards you've never heard before 12/13/2017

Have you ever thought why men have beards? Is there any function at all? As it turns out, there are some historical and natural reasons for wearing a beard. Find out more about them in this intriguing article!

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