The biggest enemies - Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford 4/25/2017

The most interesting details of a lifelong feud of two strong and talented women who never gave up.

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#celebs #Movies & TV

Little fluffy balls - the loveliest round animals you've ever seen 4/24/2017

Animals are incredibly cute. These ones will definitely fascinate you and bring pleasure to your eyes. Watch and enjoy!

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#animals #funny

Outstanding futuristic sculptures that were made to break any rules of physics 4/24/2017

These futuristic sculptures prove that art may not follow any rules, but be stunning and popular. We bet you'll be surprised!

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International Earth day - the celebration of healthy environment 4/22/2017

A story that won't leave you indifferent, a piece of advice that will help you to change the world. Join us and feel your power!

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#inspiration #holiday #Nature

Surprising facts about the legend of our generation Prince Rogers Nelson 4/21/2017

Prince Rogers Nelson can be called a man of all talents. A year ago we lost this cultural icon...

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Unbelievable but true - these hybrid animals really exist 4/19/2017

Are you sure you know all animals that exist in the world? There are some unique hybrids of well-known animals that you've hardly ever heard of. You need to see them!

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6 familiar symbols with unfamiliar origins 4/18/2017

Where have all these symbols we use every day come from? What are their true meanings? Let's find the answers together.

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#History #Society #IQ

Meet Zarathustra - a ginger cat that shows famous paintings in a totally new light 4/14/2017

Cats and art seem to be two absolutely different notions. This photographer knows how to combine them. You can't miss this!

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#animals #art #photography

We promise these 12 pics will shock you with their super cuteness 4/14/2017

Do you think cats are the most fascinating animals on Earth? These adorable hedgehogs can argue with that...

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12 unique professions you didn't know about 4/13/2017

Here is the list of professions that can't be called ordinary. We bet you didn't know about their existence!

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